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Configuring Metamask Metamask offers settings options both in the browser version and in the mobile version for various platforms. To access the settings in the browser version, click on the wolf icon located on the top right. In the mobile version, tap on the left side to access the Metamask settings.

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Basic Settings Metamask provides the following configurable parameters:

Language selection: Choose the preferred language for using Metamask.

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Currency exchange: Set the desired currency for displaying values. Options include rubles, dollars, euros, and more.

Profile visualization: Opt for using Blockies or Matic Metamask, which generates random profile images instead of personal photos.

Primary cryptocurrency: Select the priority cryptocurrency to be displayed by default, along with its quantity and value.

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Hide tokens without balance: Customize whether tokens with zero balances are shown or hidden.

Configuring Metamask settings is straightforward and doesn't require much time.

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Additional Settings Metamask also offers additional options to enhance your experience with the application. These include:

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Transaction history: Access a complete record of your transactions, including dates, sums, and balance, by downloading the file in ".json" format.

Account reset: Clear all data related to your transaction history within the application. Note that data on third-party resources (blockchains) will be retained.

View 16-byte data: Convert data necessary for operations into the format suitable for virtual computing machines.

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Smartphone synchronization: Use the same Metamask address across multiple devices by installing the mobile version and synchronizing with your account.

Extended gas management: Set custom transaction fees when withdrawing funds from Metamask. You have control over the commission size, and this section provides specific information about the Metamask commission.

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One-time transaction number: Enter a specific Nonce value for each operation, enhancing security.

3Box synchronization: Safely store all your data and settings in the application's cloud storage. If needed, you can retrieve them when reinstalling the application on another device.

Integration with Ledger Live: Establish seamless interaction between Metamask and cold wallets like Ledger.

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IPFS gateway: Configure the gateway address to expedite data exchange between ENS domains and IPFS sources.

Locking timer: Set the wallet's inactivity period in minutes. After this time, you'll need to re-enter your login parameters.

Disable backup recovery word notifications: Keep notifications active unless the wallet balance is empty.

Contact Information The contact information section preserves the names and addresses of other users. During transactions, simply click on the respective user to initiate the process.

All the necessary contacts for transactions and operations are conveniently displayed in this section.

Security Section The security section offers the following options:

Secret phrase: Display the secret phrase used to restore access. Enter the correct password to access this feature.

Transaction history: Review the complete history of operations performed with the application.

Phishing detection: Enable this option to enhance wallet security. Metamask will block transitions to suspicious and untrusted resources, providing you with warnings.

Participation in Metametrics: Grant consent to share secondary user data with the developer for application improvement purposes. Synchronization with Binance is also possible.

Warning Section The warning section provides the following options:

View unconnected balance: Automatically switch to an account with a positive balance for necessary operations.

Window.web3 Remote API: Certain websites may not function properly due to the utilization of the Window.web3 algorithm.

Supported Networks Metamask fully supports the following networks:

Huobi Tron Polygon Solana Binance Okex Ava Arbitrum Cardano BSC xDai

Additionally, you can add USDT to Metamask. This comprehensive list of Metamask networks covers various options.

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