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Instructions for adding a network to the Metamask wallet

We will consider the entire list of networks that can be added to metamask below. All networks are added according to the same algorithm.

To do this, click on the profile picture in the upper right corner in the browser and in the upper left corner in the mobile application.

Next, select "Settings".

In the list that opens, you will see "Networks".
It remains to click on the "Add network" button and specify the network data to add, for example, a polygon to the metamask: the network name, its url, the chain identifier, the currency symbol and the address of the block explorer. For example, a polygon network in Metamask.

Now click on "Save".
If everything is done correctly, the added network should appear in the list of networks.
Other networks are added in the same way.
This completes the process of adding a network to metamask.

List of networks you can add to Metamask:

1. Ethereum Mainnet - the main Ethereum network.
2. Rinkeby Testnet - Ethereum test network.
3. Kovan Testnet is another Ethereum testnet.
4. Ropsten Testnet is another Ethereum testnet.
5. Binance Smart Chain Mainnet is the main network of Binance Smart Chain.
6. Binance Smart Chain Testnet
7. xDai Mainnet - the main network of xDai Chain.
8. xDai Testnet - xDai Chain test network.
9. Polygon Mainnet - Polygon's main network.
10. Mumbai Testnet - Polygon test network.
11. Avalanche C-Chain Mainnet - the main network of Avalanche.
12. Avalanche X-Chain Mainnet - Avalanche's other main network.
13. Avalanche Fuji Testnet - Avalanche test network.
14. Fantom Mainnet - the main Fantom network.
15. Fantom Opera Testnet - Fantom test network.

Adding any of these networks to Metamask is the same and easy. Follow the instructions above to add these networks to your Metamask wallet. Stay tuned as this list may change over time.

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