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Understanding Commission Amount in the Metamax Application

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Automatic Determination of Commission

When using the Metamax application, the commission you encounter is not a fixed value. To ensure a smooth experience, we highly recommend enabling the automatic commission determination option, especially for beginners.

Commissions in the MetaMask Application

We would like to clarify that the MetaMask application itself does not impose any commission on the transactions you perform within the platform. However, commissions may be applicable when conducting transactions with other systems.

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Exploring the Concept of "Gas" Commission

To comprehend the workings of the commission, known as "gas," it is helpful to envision a token's price equivalent to the price of one liter of fuel. Just like how changes in the exchange rate affect fuel prices, the gas level is also subject to fluctuations. It's important to note that the gas level and its associated requirements may differ across various networks.

Obtaining Essential Data

For all the relevant data needed to assist you with calculations, we recommend referring to trusted third-party resources such as Ethereum Gas Station and BSC Gas Station. These platforms provide valuable information regarding commissions and gas levels.

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Advanced Fuel Management Option

To exercise greater control over the gas level, you can leverage the "Advanced Fuel Management" option, conveniently located within the additional settings of your Metamask account.

Conducting Swap Transactions

In addition to other functionalities, the MetaMask application allows you to engage in cryptocurrency exchange operations. When conducting swaps, please be aware that a commission of 0.3-0.875% will be applied to the exchanged amount.

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