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Adding Polygon network to MetaMask

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To set up the network, you should go to the menu section depending on the device:

in the browser version of the application it will be in the upper right corner, and in the mobile - in the upper left corner.

Select the "Settings" tab.

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Select the list of networks.

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Go to the tab to add a network.

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Enter information about the crypto network

Network name:





Specify the monetary unit:


URL of the network:

If you have entered all the data correctly, the network to be added will appear in the list of networks.

We recommend to check the availability of the network by selecting it from the list of active networks.

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Congratulations! You have successfully added Polygon to the list of Metamask networks. You can also add other crypto networks to the panel by following this algorithm

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You have done everything right! The Polygon network in Metamascus has been added.

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By the same principle , you can add and other networks.

Your problems do not resolved?

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