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Adding Okex network to MetaMask

This is the official website for the Russian community of Metamask, Please note that there is only one official Metamask website, which can be accessed at

To configure your Metamask settings for a specific network, follow these steps:

Open Metamask in your browser or mobile application. In the browser version, you'll find the menu at the top right, and in the mobile app, it's at the top left.

Navigate to the "Settings" option.

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From there, select "Networks."

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Click on "Add Network."

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In the form that appears, fill in all the required information and click "Save." If you enter the information correctly, the network will be added to your list. A helpful tip: do not switch to other tabs or minimize your browser while entering this data to avoid data deletion.

Here are the details for adding the OKEx Chain:



Type of address:

Chain key:


Symbol for Digital Coins:



Attention! If you minimize your browser or switch to a different tab while entering this data, the MetaMask extension may become hidden. In such cases, reopen it and complete the data entry.

Confirm by clicking «Save».

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To ensure that the "OKEx Chain" network has been added and is available for selection, click on its name at the top of the window. Click on "OKEx Chain" at the very top to make sure this option is always available when selecting a network.

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Click on «OKEx Chain» at the very top and make sure that now this option will always be available when the network is selected.

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Congratulations! You have successfully added the OKEx Chain network to Metamask. You can follow a similar process to add other networks you may need.

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By the same principle , you can add and other networks.

The user's video instruction on the YouTube platform

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