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Adding Avalanche network to MetaMask

This is the site of the Russian community Metamask io. Attention! There is only one official metamask site.

Avalanche is one of the most popular networks for conducting safe training sessions. In this article you will learn how to quickly and easily add avalanche to your MetaMask account.

To get started, go to the account menu, which is:

Top right corner on the service's website or top left in the samrtphone version.

Select the settings tab.

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Select the edit cryptonetworks tab.

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Click Add Network

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In the new window that opens, enter the information as shown below.






Coin unit


Type of address of the block explorer

Attention! Do not exit the application until you have completely entered the information and saved it, otherwise the form will be cleared.

Save all entered information by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen.

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If all information has been entered without errors, you will see the network of the same name in the list.

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To make sure that the network «Avalanche» is added and available for selection, click on its name at the top of the window.

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This instruction is also suitable for other networks, as they are added in the same way.

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Other crypto networks can be added in the same way.

The user's video instruction on the YouTube platform

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