This is the site of the Russian community. Attention! There is only one official MetaMask website. It is available at:

Adding Arbitrum network to MetaMask

This is the site of the Russian community Metamask io. Attention! There is only one official MetaMask site.

To set up the network, you should go to the menu section depending on the device:

in the browser version of the application it will be in the upper right corner, and in the mobile - in the upper left corner.

Select surroundings tab.

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Tap on list of cryptonetworks section.

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Click on "Add network" and fill in the necessary information in the form that appears.

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In the form that appears, specify all the necessary data and click «Save». If you enter all the values correctly, the network appears in your list.Tip: do not collapse or switch to other tabs when entering data, so that you do not have to fill out the form again.



Key of the net:



Specify the monetary unit:


URL of the network:

If all values are entered correctly, the network will be added to your list. We recomend do not to switch to other tabs or minimize the application while filling out the form to avoid having to fill it out again.

After that tap "Save".

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Fill in all the required data in the form that appears and save it. Once added, you will see that Arbitrum is now present in the list of available networks.

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To make sure that the Arbitrum network has been successfully added and is available for selection, simply click on its name at the top of the window.

After that, make sure that this option will always be available when selecting a network.

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Congratulations! Enjoy secure transactions through the added network!

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You can add other networks in the same way.

The user's video instruction on the YouTube platform

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